Energy Report of May 2, 2017

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containing the Crystals

My dearest Family,
Much is happening on our beautiful planet!  
Generally the planetary consciousness is carrying very high, but also intensive energies. The split between light and might is energetically very tense, and sooner or later it will come to an energetic discharge. Perhaps you can feel that in yourselves. For in the higher consciousness we always carry a part of these planetary energies in us. The soul yearns for light and peace, but in the surface area some human beings feel tension and pressure. Most of the time one can't feel these feelings with any particular connection and that doesn't make it any easier. Lady Shyenna is moving into the energetic orientation of the New Age more and more and bravely tries to transform the surface energies. She, too, yearns for peace and calm!! Even though there is seething unrest on the surface, one can see, deeper down in Lady Shyenna's consciousness, the structure of change, the New Age and Quin'Taas very, very clearly.
In the human consciousness a deep change is indicated like a central theme. Many human beings carry the courage and the attentiveness for the higher consciousness within and are ready to do something.
Every healing session or other spiritual sessions have a very intensive effect at this time. The human beings often feel their soul very intensively and are full of trust and confidence. Although the surface energies are transforming themselves enormously, the human beings feel that it is something great. Light body symptoms are no longer given priority to, and consequently the energy can no longer nourish itself and withdraws. That is very positive, because through that the soul energy is being supplied with more energy more deeply.
Nevertheless it can come to vehement dreams at this time, and sometimes the personal transformations aren't quite so easy.
Connect with the Holy Grail of Love and call your inner helpers!
Use the daily energies, they support any energetic process in you.
Use the power of the universe with your thoughts.
Connect with your original parents in the evening.
Trust your abilities.
Work with the Crystals:
Sabine - Sangitar