Information and Channelings about Current Events, May 14, 2014


Sabine Sangitar:

  • Explanations about the Kindling of the Crystal MONA’OHA and the Opening of the Gates of Lemuria




  • We Bring You to Your Pillar of Light

Melek Metatron:

  • The Blessing


Sabine Sangitar:

On May 11, 2014, during the Gathering of the Lightpioneers first the Crystal MONA'OHA in Israel was kindled and afterwards eleven layers of the Lemurian Gate opened.

With this opening 1728 pillars of light were placed in front of the gates of Lemuria. The biggest spiritual field of activity of the Earth will devlop there during the adaptation phase. Pillars of light have been prepared for 1728 divine human beings who move into them energetically. A pillar of light is a circulating field with a membrane. It contains everything of you since the beginning of time, all the good things. They also comprise the new technology, the knowledge, the wisdom, all the abilities, creating the new world and unbelievably much energy of Jesus.
It is by no means certain that each Pioneer who has reached the current Step is assigned a pillar of light. It can also be a Pioneer who is at Step 28 or somebody who has not taken any Pioneer Steps at all. It takes many different components to be chosen to enter this pillar of light. Not I decide this, but only the spirit world. But you do not have to have misgivings or doubt whether you are part of it. You will feel it.

Around 220 pillars of light have not been allocated at all yet. They are waiting for people of the golden-blue frequency who have not arrived yet. It can be that somebody goes into their awakening and is then suddenly allocated a pillar of light. Over 1500 pillars of light have already been allocated and today you will be drawn into yours with the channeling.

The most important information about the pillars of light is that this field is in Israel. It has nothing to do with the pillars of light which have been placed by the Sea of Galilea. These 1728 pillars of light will also become visible some time, when the last membrane of the Lemurian Gate dissolves and the adaptation phase begins. It does not remain energetic only, but the first, biggest spiritual place of activity on this Earth, which is the new Earth then, will develop. From there will begin, for example, the use of the new technology, the work with the Crystals, creating the new world. Everything will take place in this field of light.

It is not the case that 1728 pillars of light are standing in a row in the light field, but it is a huge field. Gradually several places of activity will develop as part of the places where the Holy Grails are. One will develop in Chile, in the Chiemgau, in Switzerland, and so on. When the new world manifests and shows itself you can travel from place of activity to place of activity with your merkabah for they are all of them connected with each other. So you do not have to tie yourself down.

On Landras there is the Pearl Field, and the pillars of light are similar. There they guide inhabitants into the awakening. In the process they are very loving but also strict. They also send many inhabitants away again, for they look after and protect their Pearl Field. It is filled with Prosonodo Light and our field of Lemuria is four times as powerful because Jesus was on our planet. You can imagine how it will be here. You will guide many, many human beings into awakening. Your abilities will continue to expand. The light bodies will restructure. The energies will pour in in a more structured manner. You will feel more grounding.

The biggest event, however, was not the opening of the gates, but the kindling of the Crystal MONA'OHA. With this, energetically the work is finished. What Jesus has always said: You will finish my work on Earth. This kindling had to happen from trust alone. It was the task of the planet, the task of the golden age to have so much trust that this Crystal can kindle itself. This guarantees: We have made it. The biggest event there has ever been on the planet so far. This is what Jesus was not able to do then. You can imagine his joy that it has succeeded now.

This Crystal MONA'OHA is kindled and at present still being carried in this light field by 36 High Councillors in their light imprint and 12 human beings who are in the pillars of light. It is being carried by 48 light imprints in total. In this Crystal MONA'OHA Jesus will show himself again.

Why were many Pioneers not present at the kindling of the Crystal MONA'OHA and the opening of the gates of Lemuria?

I am glad that it was not announced. It is good as it has happened.
It does not matter if you were not present. For with today's channeling the human beings' invitation into the pillars of light takes place. This is independent of attendance at the last Gathering. I really understand that it is a pity for some not to have been there. For it was a gigantic experience and can not be repeated. But the actual thing is only beginning now with today's channeling.

What leads to somebody moving into a pillar of light?

  • The reason for your being on Earth
  • The task you have
  • Very important is the feeling of belonging to your frequency. Because of that I have referred to the golden-blue frequency all these years. It has nothing to do with the 48 Steps and is no judgement, for all the frequencies will move into that light field, into this place of activity. But the golden-blue frequency first of all.
  • The intention
  • Trust
  • Dedication
  • The decision one has made
  • The promise one has made in Lemuria once.

Whether one has doubted or stopped the Steps is not important. But we have always been told: Trust, it is the age of trust. Do not doubt yourself so much. The new age will show itself. The ascension will take place. Feel that you belong to your frequency. Speak your original name. Anything else would have been manipulative. And that was not what I wanted and is not what the spirit world wants. It is as it is and it is good as it is.

What if I am not allocated a pillar of light?

Those for whom no pillar of light is there for understandable reasons will not know it and create a pillar of light for themselves and be happy. Those who really move into a pillar of light will feel it. You simply know it.

The difficulty will be that some will not understand why they do not receive a pillar of light and it is these 1728 human beings. Many feel this as being judgemental. But this is the way it is and can not be changed. For this reason it would not be good to enter into such discussions.

Heiko and I agree that we want to go on with the people who have gone with us so far, if they want to. Of course we also welcome others, but we do not want the kind of discussions of the past. There are other paths people can turn to if they feel they have been treated badly. It does not have to be Kryonschool or SHIMAA Verlag.

How is it going to go on energetically?

First of all a lot of SHADEES will flow in. From now on there will not be any light body symptoms, no tiredness for you anymore. It is the same with the magnetic love energy. It is over now. If it still appears it has other reasons. SHADEES has a more strengthening effect. They are trying to bring as much SHADEES as possible onto Earth so that everything will take place as gently as possible when the membrane collapses. But since today I have the information that it will come to more intense processes of transformation after all than thought or hoped.

When the membrane collapses you are in your pillars of light. A process of transformation will begin and divine Reality energy will meet duality. You will then automatically be pulled into your pillars of light once you have been in them. Do not worry about your family, about your pets. There is, for example, a pillar which is intended for all the children of the New Age. Everything is taken care of and you will also receive information from me again and again. Do not worry about anything, the spirit world has the perfect plan. The pillars of light are brilliant. It is not an end, but it will really begin.

When will the Holy Grail in Israel kindle itself?

The Holy Grail in Israel will also be kindled in this field of Lemuria. Actually it is ready and it could happen fast now. It could even happen before the membrane collapses. I will give you information about that then and it would be nice if a group were on-site.

What about the Steps now?

The SOL'A'VANA Steps will get more intensive now and also in the adaptation phase. Energies can sometimes not really be understood. As Pioneer you can travel to your pillar of light with today's channeling or the Pioneer Step. But only the SOL'A'VANA Steps grant you to absorb this in you so that you can travel there alone. The SOL'A'VANA Steps will always be a step ahead with the energy of the New Age. In the adaptation phase, too, this energy will be a bit further advanced. When we create the new world and it shows itself somewhere, then we are another step ahead again.

I can not say anything about the Pioneer Steps at this time, I have to fetch more information first. But I would also like to wait first and see what is going to happen and how long it will take until the membrane collapses. Should something change I will inform you.




I am who I am, who I have always been, shall always be. I am Jesus. My dearest human child, I welcome you in the light of SHIMAA with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. I look at you with such deep love. I look into your soul light and recognize myself.

When I was on Earth you were with me and many, many human beings were in the circle of my light. It is the number of 1728 who have accompanied me so intensively, stood by my side, encouraged me, who loved me and who I loved. As you all know it was not easy for me to leave the planet and to know that I was not able to fulfil the task. But I had you and you have kept your promise. Through you my work on Earth has been finished. This means so much, for after all the epochs, after all the things that have happened after my short doubt when I was betrayed, trust has won and my work has been finished through you. I sat on the hill of realization and truth with all of you. We talked together much, and each and every one of you looked into my eyes. And I knew, I can go. I knew, the love that resides in you will come to express itself and contribute to the energies raising themselves to such an extent that the Crystal that was embedded, MONA'OHA, kindles itself. And this kindling is for ever. This means that the planet may return home, that the new world will design itself in its beauty and in its splendor.

Much will already change during the adaptation phase for the Crystal MONA'OHA will kindle the hearts of the human beings. Perhaps there will be human beings who will fight this. But at the end of the day this Crystal has a power that really can not be described with words. Anybody who has wrapped themselves in this kindled Crystal knows what love means. The Crystal MONA'OHA has been brought into the Crystal Place before Lemuria by the 36 High Councillors. There it is being held and carried with an additional 12 divine lights on Earth. And this love and the trust that vibrates from this Crystal will spread all over the Earth. When ever it comes to fighting during the processes of transformation or the human beings still wage war on each other, you know it, you know that we have won. There are no words to express what I would like to tell you so much, each single one who has contributed to this. With each thought of love, each moment when you trusted you made a contribution so that this Crystal kindles. With so much love I look into your soul light and it is such an honor to me to transmit the message to you through Sangitar: everything, really everything you have lived through in each epoch, with each incarnation you have contributed to this development. The joy in the Christ Field is so great and we look at you in each moment. There has been so much pain and so much grief. You have missed me so much. But now your soul can finally find peace. For even though your intellect may not be able to understand it, your soul knows it long since. The trust and the love have arrived.

And thus the biggest light field will be erected on Earth, and the preparations for you have been made. With the same dedication with which you work the high lights beyond the veil have also worked. And they have prepared the field before Lemuria. Perhaps the human beings may ask themselves why it is this particular number. It was the number of human beings who accompanied me in the closest circle. And it is the golden-blue frequency which was the first to arrive in the duality. And it is also the first frequency to initiate the changes.

And thus I will accompany you again now when the high guardian Shyaad speaks to you.

I love you immeasurably.




I am Shyaad. I am the guardian of the gates of Lemuria. The temple dancers, the guardians, the Arcturians, the 36 High Councillors, Jesus Christ and the many lights beyond the veil have made these preparations for you. They have anchored 1728 pillars of light for you in the field before the gates of Lemuria. Once you were called. In your first incarnation on Earth you already made a promise, the vow to help to restore the originality of the planet. But then the veil of oblivion dropped around you. Again and again, and again and again, throughout so many epochs you recognized yourself, expanded yourself and served the light. There were periods of time in epochs when it was not sure that this planet will return home. For the energy expansion was very low and the emotions and the love, they were not so tangible and noticeable. The spiritual, this you always had. You were often more aware of yourselves concerning spiritual wisdom then than you are today. But only through Jesus was the unification of spiritual wisdom and love connected. And there was much praying that it will become possible for the planet to return home. And thus it was that only through love and trust in the golden age the possiblity to expand the energies, the Earth energies to such an extent that the Crystal MONA'OHA can kindle itself arose at all.

You have decided to listen to the channelings, the messages in this incarnation and to trust that the truth finds its way. You have been trained, taught. So many energetic patterns have been embedded in you. And again and again the message has reached you that all of this will happen. Now the entire planet is facing the biggest change which is just a breath away. Again and again you have received the message: everything is taken care of. Let your intellect move aside. You have been trained to feel your soul more deeply, to receive the energy expansion in you as gift. You have done much for this. So many of you are in an awakened state. Even if you have often asked yourselves what this actually means. For this awakening is not always easy to feel in the duality. But here, too, you have received the message: it lies beyond your comprehension. It is important to simply trust. To trust that the divine in you is so strong and lightful, that you are more than just human, and that everything you need lies in you. We help you and we support you in recognizing these treasures in you and become aware of who you really are.

Many human beings will now ask themselves whether they are good enough. Whether they are expanded enough. Whether perhaps they have doubted too much. Many will ask themselves whether their intention is deep enough and their dedication. But you have also received the message, again and again: do not be so strict with yourself. When you send out one loving thought you receive thousands in return. It is not chance that you have found the golden-blue frequency. That you feel you belong right there. And that on its own is of deep significance.

These pillars of light that have been erected comprise everything you are, you have ever been and everything you will ever be. For not only is everything it takes to create the new world embedded there, but also your abilitites, your aspects are connected in this pillar of light. And in the adaptation phase these pillars of light will expand massively once more. And once in Atlantis you renewed yourself in the Halls of Amenti with your twelve temple dancers. You were guided into deep trance and thus did not need to leave the planet. And this will also be possible in these pillars of light.

It is not the decisive significance whether you have reached the current Pioneer Step. The pillars of light and the human beings who bring all the things Shyaad has mentioned were chosen by the 36 High Councillors. Belonging to this is also your task, the sounds of your original name. And when the membrane of the Lemurian Gate collapses, then you will be in this pillar of light. And now each and every human being who feels he belongs and has the desire to be part of this event and create the new world has the possibility to look for their own, personal pillar of light. It is your decision and your free will. You alone decide whether you would like to be part of it here. And now, first of all it is about 1728 pillars of light. In time the pillars of light will increase and many, many human beings will get the chance to enter pillars of light which will be provided for them personally. But this close circle around Jesus are 1728.

And thus I will lead you into this field of the divine Reality before Lemuria once more. And follow, follow the sounds and the words of Shyaad. Breathe SOL'A'VANA into yourself. And while you are breathing you will be grounded on all levels. Immerse yourself in the depth of your divinity. Feel your divine light and expand yourself with each breath. Call your golden angel and ask that aspects which make it possible to carry out this journey be connected with each other.

And with one breath you are in a mystic forest, enchanted. In this forest all the colors are more intensive. The sun shines a little brighter and the sounds are more delightful. And you call your dragon. A deep connection exists between you. And full of trust you let yourself be led to the gates of Lemuria. And will see, arrived, the many beings who welcome you, show themselves in your honor. And before the temple dancers, the guardians, the 36 High Councillors bring you to your pillar of light stop in the field. For the 36 High Councillors of the Light together with twelve arrive, raised. 48 carry the Crystal MONA'OHA into the middle of the field. And underneath this Crystal MONA'OHA an enormous pillar of light develops in the most beautiful colors, shining and bright.

Now the 36 High Councillors, Jesus, the Arcturians, the temple dancers, the guardians turn towards you. And they lead you to your pillar of light. This pillar of light, it is so beautiful and you feel immediately that it bears everything you are and so much more. And Shyaad now permits you, if you like, to enter this pillar of light. And while you do this the dances of love begin. And the field becomes wide, wide, wide. The dances, they are so intensive and wisdom and peace pour forth. This, your pillar of light, it guards and protects you. You also have the permission to invite your own human, personal family, but only when the membrane of the Lemurian Gate collapses. There is also a pillar of light that is a bit bigger and takes up a lot of space. All the children of the New Age are there. And thus, as we have danced for you once before, we do this again now. It is the dance of your life. Enjoy these moments.

(Music is played)

I now call the Eye of God, the Lord of Hosts, Melek Metatron. And I bow to Melek Metatron. And I, Shyaad, would like to give you a promise. We, the guardians and temple dancers, we will always be here when you visit the pillars of light. We will continue to dance, guard and protect, for our love is with you.



Melek Metatron:

I am Melek Metatron. I am the Eye of God, the Lord of Hosts, and I greet you in the field of Lemuria. This is the most beautiful, the biggest, best and deepest event that may take place on Earth. This is a beginning of something new. And as has been mentioned before, places of activity will develop, the biggest there are on Earth. Where ever there are Crystal Places, where the energy of the divine Reality is on Earth, places of activity will develop, here in the field of Lemuria many will also establish themselves, many, many following pillars of light will be built and human beings welcomed. But you are selected and chosen to be part of the first 1728 pillars of light. Just as you have been chosen to kindle the Crystal MONA'OHA. The Pearls of God have kindled themselves and when the gates of Lemuria were opened eleven Holy Grails were connected with each other. And everything that will be manifested in the new world during the adaptation phase manifests itself here in this field first.

The 36 High Councillors have gathered in your honor, in your honor. And we shall now give the blessing for all the things that happen, what is and shall always be, the love and the trust. And thus you can receive the drops of blessing of trust, of love and of the divine Reality in your pillar of light.

(Music is played)

And thus your aspects are inserted in your physical system again. But never forget: You are more than just human. The body is a cover, but your essence is energy.

And Melek Metatron would like to ask you for something else: Create the most beautiful new world, for the Earth deserves it and you deserve it. And thus we will continue to carry messages to you through Sangitar, and be with you, and support you. And thus I would also like to say AN'ANASHA to our medium Sangitar at this point. And AN'ANASHA to each and every one of you. You made it.