Channeling of February 13, 2013, about Current Events


Melek Metatron:

  • The Consequences of the Nuclear Test
  • Erection of Light Pillars in Israel
  • Erect Light Pillars in Israel and Africa



I am Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, that rises and transmits the messages of truth, of divine Reality and of love to you through Sangitar.

Since the beginning of the phase when you prepared yourselves for the big change of the ascension, the message has been transmitted to you from the spirit world, that we will never interfere in the events of the ascension energy and fetching the planet Earth back. But we have also transmitted to you that there is one exception. Should planet Earth and the consciousness of Lady Gaia ever be threatened, then we will interfere, and we have done so. Thus hear the message from Melek Metatron: A nuclear test that was started caused a violent explosion. The shock of this explosion caused the earth grid to rise into an almost uncontrollable vibration. The earth grid was not particularly stable where the explosion took place. This explosion and these earth vibrations, the earth movements became stronger and stronger and the danger of cracks appearing in the earth grid in some places threatened.

Sangitar has asked me to use metaphors so that you can understand the events better. Und so it may be easier to understand it thus: These earth cracks can be compared to the heart attack of a human being. We had to interfere and the High Council decided that a big transformation has to take place so that the energy waves and the energy vibrations orientate themselves again. And thus it was decided on the one hand that SHADEES is released. But it was not enough. In the universe some of the star tetrahedrons connected with each other. We invited 1440 Nunis in order to fuse these star tetrahedrons. And with this it was certain, we will send the perfect sound to your planet from the divine Reality for transformation. And the possibility that the ascension take place at the same time was very, very high.

We used the highest radiant power of SHADEES in connection with the magnetic love energy, and there were wave-like movements that arrived on your planet.
Thus hear the message from Kryon, that at the same time the inhabitants of Landras went into the Pearl Field and sent energy into the grid with their singing and sounds. They did it out of love and friendship for you. Millions of angels gathered in order to bring the energy of awakening, the perfect sound onto Earth. All of this took place last night. And in your time it took more than two hours. If the transformation process had not been concluded in this time we would have sent the perfect sound only 15 minutes later in your time, then the high point of the ascension would have taken place.

What would this have meant? It was important to Sangitar that Melek Metatron speak to you. Thus hear the words of Melek Metatron: A natural happening of the ascension, the high point of the ascension, would be the best, the purest and also the nicest way for Lady Gaia herself and also for you human beings. Here, I use another metaphor: It would be as if you had to induce an early birth for a soul, a baby, that still needs time in order to be born. And this always involves danger.

Many of you will ask themselves now, how it can be and how it is going to be, what it takes for the natural birth to be able to take place. Thus you have to imagine that Lady Gaia is an enormous consciousness field. There are various continents, countries and regions that differ from each other. Basically it takes a total vibration of the highest love and redemption and a very, very deep dawning of consciousness so that the ascension can take place. There are various continents, various countries, cities, regions, where a part-awakening of Lady Gaia has taken place, where the energy expansion is far higher than 88 percent, such as here in the Chiemgau or in Switzerland. There are a few other countries and regions in which the energy of awakening is over 88 percent. But it is not enough. For what will finally let the perfect sound ring out is the expansion of 88 percent in Israel. For Israel carries the earth karma and only when Israel has experienced 88 percent expansion will the perfect sound ring out. But through the pouring in of SHADEES and the perfect sound with God's breath SOL'A'VANA the energy in Israel has expanded very much. Now it is important that this energy is stabilized. The chalice that is in Israel is still not kindled. Thus Melek Metatron asks you to erect light pillars for Israel together so that the expanded energy can stay.

And thus I ask you to breathe in deeply and to absorb ANA at the same time.
Go into the middle of your center with the Crystal AVATARA.
Go deep inside and feel your divinity.
Expand yourself and call all your chakras together.
Israel carries the earth karma. Lady Gaia's consciousness has absorbed very much energy there. The current expansion of Israel's energy is at about 81 percent.
In deep intention speak your original name and activate your Heart Ray. Take a little time and feel your original name. Feel the sequence of sounds.

Put onto the tip the second letter of your original name, the Crystals ANA, SERUS, PRADNA and SOL'A'VANA. The Arturians have already prepared pillars of light. No matter whether you can see them, in deep awareness now send these Crystals and the second letter of your original name into the pillar of light that the Arcturians have rerected.

(Take a few minutes to do this)

Thus most of you were able to feel how important this stabilizing lightwork was for the consciousness, for the earth grid of Lady Gaia. What would have happened, or what will happen if we have to interfere again? What consequences would it have? First, for you it would not have great significance, for all of you are prepared, trained and supplied with energetic patterns. But in those regions, on those continents, in those countries, cities, where the energy expansion is still below 70 percent, it would come to larger scale destruction. At the moment it is so that these regions that carry an energy expansion far higher than 88 percent can counterbalance much. But the destruction would be far greater than if the high point of the ascension could take place naturally. When Israel has reached 88 percent expansion this will definitely mean the high point of the ascension. When Israel has an expansion of 85 percent you will be informed about it by Sangitar, for this is something we can assess energetically. Then we can give you a certain time frame.

In these moments millions of angels have gathered to bring calming sounds onto Earth. And yet we cannot say with certainty that the energy will really calm down so much that a natural ascension can take place.

For Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, it is a very moving process. But it was necessary and I feel that you can understand it: Never can we permit that something happens to Lady Gaia.

For you and for so many human beings I would also like to transmit the message: Continue as before. Remain calm and be without worry and fear. If possible continue this lightwork. Erect a pillar of light for Israel every day. Nine times. And then go to the continent of Africa with your focus and erect the same pillar of light there. Send the energies that you have also sent for Israel. The Arcturians are already preparing pillars of light there as well.

And so I say AN’ANASHA for your understanding and trust. But I specially say AN’ANASHA to Sangitar.

Let us speak these words together: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham.

In closing I would like to let you know one thing: Even though the countermovement of the light is very massive right now the truth always finds its way. The countermovement can not attack either the Prosonodo Light, or the Eleua Energy, or the SOL’A’VANA Energy, or SHADEES in any way. These energies come from the divine Reality and are protected and watched over.

And so I say goodbye and yet remain with you. A NI O’HEVED O’DRACH.





The Crystals are:

ANA - Light

SERUS - God's blessing

PRADNA - Strength

SOL'A'VANA- The Perfect Sound








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