Public Channeling of November 6, 2020


Channeling Kryon

I am Kryon. I am the magnetic love light that, together with many high lights, is with you now, in this moment, beyond time and space, in order to greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. And with each moment, with each breath you take, open yourself to this love energy, you will feel what it means when the high lightful beings approach you, are with you in these moments, sit down at your feet, respect, honour and love you.

In this time, in this time, when it will come to the biggest change on your planet that has ever taken place, much chaos is outside, much is breaking apart. Many human beings are losing their hold, many, many human beings are uncertain, are afraid, and full of worry about what is happening. But there are those moments, there are those moments, like this one is, when everything falls away from you, when you do not look into the outside, when you are not part of some situations that burden you, but are those moments when we invite you to be completely with yourself, feel deep into yourself in order to realize what it means when Kryon says: You are more, you are so much more than just human. This is not just a phrase, a construction of words, it is an energy that carries you, it is an energy that touches you deep, deep in your soul when your soul, your soul recognizes the truth.

And if you are so much more than just human, then you know what this comprises in this time in which you are looking into the chaos when you look outside. In this time of the big change, the time of radical change, sometimes even a time of pain and fear, I, Kryon, want to convey the confidence to you, that everything you decide, everything you open yourself to now that is love and light, carries you into a world that could not be nicer. For all of that is destined for you, for all human beings, for this planet. But you carry the free will inside, you carry the decision with each breath you take. And ask yourself: What in this life is really important to you? Do you hurry outside too much with your intellect and your emotions? Do you go into the collective where so many human beings tell you something that frightens you, that keeps you small, that hurts you, perhaps words that hurt you? Or do you look at the light in yourself? Do you decide to follow the tracks of love, to use this time to give space to renewal, in yourself too? To let go of something that burdens you, to let go of old patterns that do not serve you? To summon up the courage to tread new paths? To summon up the courage to go into the change, into the light, and the energy of Quin’Taas? This means that you go deep into yourself as well. For there you find the perfect light in yourself, the creative light that keeps you alive, the essence of yourself, the energy you carry. There is so much potential in you. There is so much in you that is worth discovering: the self love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, also for yourself.

Perhaps there are times, days, nights, when you feel lonely, when perhaps you are in despair and torn, and ask yourself: Where are you? and call us and ask for help. But let me tell you: We are with you all the time, all the time. For we are not separate from each other, even if your intellect would like to make you believe it. There is no separation. We beyond the veil, with this new energy, with the Nyoonische Light, we love you immeasurably and we support you in everything you do. We know you, we look at you, and we are with you. How else could it be? But when, but when are you ready, during the day, to go into stillness, to open yourself in order to feel this love that we evince for you? You are one of us, you yourself are a high being. You carry a human body, but deep inside the light of divinity is blazing. You carry so much courage, you have already shown so much courage in so many cycles of time, in so many incarnations. Now you have the possibility, in this very transition phase, to decide. And with each decision you make, you will feel happier. Each decision involves a letting go of something. Each decision you make with deep intention will guide you deeper into inner peace, into calmness, into lightness, into health, into compassion, into human love. And the more often you permit us to support you, the more you will experience that you are one with all that is.

It is no coincidence that you are here, it is no coincidence. You, too, carry a task. Become aware of it in these times. The many transformations, everything that is happening on the planet can perhaps not be understood by a human intellect sometimes, and yet, what follows from it is wonderful. The planet will fully return into the magnetic lines of divinity. This does not mean that you will leave the planet, but it means that the originality of the light spreads, that the love expands, that new energy arrives. And you are part of it. You are in the middle of it and are hearing the words of Kryon in the present moment. And when you feel into the depth of your soul, you will realize that they are words of truth, and the truth always finds its way. You can let yourself fall in many moments, in many situations in which you are afraid, in which you carry pain, in which you do not feel loved or noticed. Then, be aware that we are there right then in order to hug you, whisper to you: You are loved immeasurably, you are loved immeasurably.

You are the bearer of the decision, you can decide which way you choose. Leave the path of fear, leave the path of fighting, leave the path of grief, worries, and change to the side of confidence, of hope. Feel the trust that expands when you follow the tracks of love. Make a decision for life, for yourself. Feel the compassion inside that is expanding, and let Kryon bring you the messages, that just as you are, you are right and good, perfect in your soul. Energies are circulating on the surface of your soul that are transforming, ANA'ANARAA is arriving. But below this layer you are full of wisdom, full of love. Your knowledge is enormous, your abilities expanded. Use them in these times. Use this time to go into the stillness again and again, in order to feel what it means to be with oneself, all-embracingly to understand with the heart. It is not necessary that the intellect gets priority all the time. Rather, it is the soul, the feeling, the trust - then your life will change.

In this time, with these energies that are being transmitted in such concentrated form, the Nyoonische Light that is expanding. Never has it been this easy to carry out the manifestation, the manifestation. With each decision you make, you manifest and you change your situation. Feel big, be wonderful, for you are wonderful. Do not be thrown by human beings who frighten you, human beings who want to tell you. you are not good enough. You are good enough. You are a divine human being on this planet, and feel, feel how the angels are sitting at your feet, how they hold you, how much they love you, and how close they are to you. In this time, recognize the importance of all the energies circulating in you. It is a time in which you have the possibility to turn inward. Shiftings are taking place. You can feel all of that. You can feel all of that. You can feel all of that.

Beyond time and space there is a concentration of many energies that are poured straight from the divine Source: the Drops of Blessing, the Drops of Blessing of the all-embracing love. These will now be poured over you to the sounds from the divine Reality. Let it happen and enjoy this process.

Kryon says AN'ANASHA for your trust, for your care. You are loved immeasurably.