Channeling Lady Shyenna of November 30, 2019


I am Lady Shyenna. I greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. It is a great joy for me to speak to you. It is an honour for me to bring this energy I bear to you.

We are connected with each other. Every human being on this planet is connected, whether consciously or unconsciously, with me, the consciousness of the planet. We need each other, we are there for each other, and here I am speaking to a collective of human beings who have already done so much, done so much for Quin'Taas to open and the original energy of the divine Reality, of love, of light, of peace to arrive. And each human being has their own ideas of how that may be. The question is often asked: Why has the time not come yet? What is still necessary so that Quin'Taas will open completely? Is the reason that Lady Shyenna is not awakened yet? What is it that lets us wait so long for this one moment when everything, everything will change? I can tell you, as consciousness, Lady Shyenna, I am awakened. I am aware of myself, I am awakened, and still I carry the responsibility for when the perfect sound will open and the lightful energies arrive completely and push everything aside that is shadow, that is shadow. Why, why am I waiting? What am I waiting for? I will tell you, here in this high collective of consciousness I will speak about it, for you are conscious human beings, you know about so many things, you are well prepared, and each and every human being who is aware of themselves is looking forward to this moment when everything opens and everything changes.

The Crystal MONA'OHA was kindled. This guaranteed that the energy of love, that the energy of the New Age remains stable, and it can not come to any turning point anymore, like once in Atlantean times. And still it is so, that when you look at the planet from a perspective, a higher perspective, you may notice that much that is destined for a new world is not fully mature yet, and included in this is peace.

SOL'A'VANA was brought to us, onto this wonderful planet, the Breath of God that connects with all that is, that has embedded itself in the depth of the planetary consciousness, sent impulses and expanded energies. SOL'A'VANA was a conscious choice because it is the bearer of the energy of peace. But what does peace mean? What does peace mean for the planet, what does peace mean for you? Take a moment and listen deep into yourself, what does peace mean to you personally.

Each human being has the very own right to find out for themselves what personal peace means to them, but do you not believe that every human being on this planet yearns for peace? Is it not something that connects you human beings? The yearning for peace, for security, for closeness. How much tolerance does it take in order to accept that the divine light lives in every human being, in every human being, that every human being carries the divine Core inside, no matter which religion they live out, which culture they are at home in, which language they speak, and is, just like you yourself, a child of God, a child of God that once was in the universe, without body, light, was created just like you yourself. And yet, I, as high consciousness, see that many human beings bring about a separation, perhaps because they cannot understand the other human being who grew up differently, who was born into another culture. And yet, when you look higher, when you see the big picture, then accept, that each human being, just like you yourself, is a child of God. Many human beings on this planet have not understood this yet, they split up, they set limits, they judge and measure a human being because they are different to them. Then there are still these mights who try to frighten you, to tell you that human beings are dangerous when they are not just like so. But believe me, these human beings are also God's children. Do let us welcome them, let us make peace, peace with the cultures, peace with the human beings who are different, peace with all human beings on this planet. You do not always have to understand everything, not to understand every human being, you do not even have to approve of everything a human being may do, but the acceptance that this human being, too, was once created as light in the universe, just like you yourself, and entered the duality with a certain task, just like you yourself, then you are wise, that is wisdom, that is realization, that is a high form of love, of acceptance, and that is what the planet needs. Many of the mights try to stir up fear, try to divide. Do not let this influence you. Make yourself aware again and again, you are living on a planet, you are living on a planet, on a planet of God. This planet is beautiful, it is informed by love, God's Son was at home on this planet. How often did you hear in the messages: Follow the tracks of love. Love also comprises understanding, humility, acceptance, compassion.

I, Lady Shyenna, am doing everything for SOL'A'VANA, for peace to arrive, for Quin'Taas to open, for the perfect sound to open and you to be able to immerse yourselves in the originality of being, of love, for when Quin'Taas opens, the New World develops, there will be no more fighting. Particularly conscious human beings, who carry much love in the heart, should be ready to carry inside this attentiveness towards all human beings on this planet, and also carry it outward.
We have come so far, and the beginning, not the end, the beginning is drawing near. The New World develops with love, with peace, security, closeness, human love. All that will be. SOL'A'VANA contributes to this, God's Breath is being poured out to expand this energy, and it is the energy of peace. Only when this awareness unifies in a large part of the human beings, the acceptance that all are God's children, will the perfect sound open. And to be here with my energy, here with you, creates deep, deep peace.