Channeling of July 11, 2018



  • Energies for Your Physical Aspect


(Note: The personal Crystal is being used in this channeling. Should you not know your personal Crystal yet, use the Crystal AN'ANASHA instead.)


I am Kryon. I greet you with the magnetic love energy. With the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I welcome you. Kryon is sending the messages with the energies to you with each word.

Many energies are connecting and the radiant power is increasing. So many energies are being unified, bundled and brought to Lady Shyenna. And many of you feel this concentration of energy flowing in, because you receive it with each breath you take, and the intensive energy currents sometimes result in physical light body symptoms in this time. Your body is expanded, orientated, the cells are aware: all is good. And still it is a challenge to absorb the bundled energies with the body in this time, and many of you sometimes feel a deep tiredness. Perhaps also some dizziness, impaired balance, insomnia. Perhaps you sometimes feel a trembling or the feeling that you are a little confused, and light body symptoms that are long gone may appear once more now. But it is important, helpful and good that you are aware that these are symptoms that comprise a big transformation. The real transformation with the energy currents is being brought to Lady Shyenna and still you are a part of that and often feel what Lady Shyenna is feeling very intensively. And because of that Kryon was chosen to store various energies in you that help you to get over this current of time, for the bundlings will get even more intensive, for Lady Shyenna needs these energy currents in order to prepare herself for her transformation.

Because of that follow the vibrations of Kryon with each breath you take. Let yourself fall, deeper and deeper with each breath. Connect with your inner helpers consciously, with deep intention, and feel your divine light, and unify your chakras. Open your third eye and visualize your personal Crystal. Kryon will nourish your personal Crystal with various energies. For this I need your permission. Express it by saying your original name, and become aware that you are carrying a body, a physical aspect, and connect with your physical aspect quite consciously, and feel your body. Activate your Heart Ray and put your personal Crystal on the tip, and Kryon will nourish your personal Crystal with the energy of ANA'ANARAA, with the NA'NAAM energies, and a few more energy currents which connect with each other, are helpful and good for you. This process is happening in the now-moment.

Now go through your body with your Heart Ray, your personal Crystal, and let your personal Crystal circulate. It is up to you to choose the sequence in which you go through your body with the Crystal, but be focused and make yourself aware that your personal Crystal is nourished with the energies Kryon has embedded. Now begin to guide the Crystal through your body.

Now activate your Sinus Ray and put your personal Crystal with the nourished energies that Kryon has embedded on the tip again, and with the deep intention open your Omega Chakra. Connect with the consciousness of Lady Shyenna, and go into the depth of of Lady Shyenna's consciousness with the Sinus Ray and your personal Crystal, and let the Crystal circulate freely.

Withdraw your Sinus Ray now and, while you are grounding yourself on all levels, Kryon will distribute, embed, orientate and pour magnetic love energy over the energies.

If you now feel into your body you will perhaps already feel better, freer, lighter. Hear the words of Kryon: this is not a SOL'A'VANA Step, but it is a message of Kryon with intensive energy, and you can use these messages any time when you feel physical symptoms. Always make yourself aware that you are in deep, deep connection with Lady Shyenna, you are one with all energy currents, that your physical aspect has been prepared, and still you receive this support now. Again and again connect with the energy of Kryon, the magnetic love energy.

It was a joy for me to work for you, to support you, to transmit the energies to you that are so important, helpful and good. And thus enjoy what is happening when you feel into your body, for another while.

You are loved immeasurably.