Public Channeling of April 21, 2020


Melek Metatron:

  • Now the Actual Change of Ages Has Begun

(The Nyoonische Light - The Shadow Worlds - The Big Manifestation)


I am Melek Metatron. I am the light, the love. I am what I am. With the words of OMAR TA SATT I bid you, I bid the collective welcome. Each word is permeated with love energy, the light that expands when it touches your soul.
So much has happened in the universe and a wave of energies has begun to move. The Nyoonische Light lays itself over the living lights who have offered to knot another planetary grid with their love in order to lay it around the planet, and it will be brought back to the originality of the magnetic divine lines. But Melek Metatron does not want to touch you in your intellect with his words, but I want to touch you in your soul, for the energies have arrived, and each and every one who hears these words, hears the energetic sounds, the original sounds that have been released in order to remind all human beings of why they have come onto this planet. You, I am speaking to you, are on this planet since the beginning of time in order to be part of it here, the big transition, the energy that will be released to open Quin'Taas. The manifestation of the light, the originality began in that moment when we were allowed to let the currents of the energy of the divine Reality flow onto this wonderful planet more.
You carry the Golden Heart as well as the Golden Miracles. You carry the light of love, you are aware in your soul, in your feeling, that the actual change of ages has begun. In this manifestation of the light everything is possible. And so many human beings follow this current of light, for they hear and feel the pounding of their heart, the call of their soul. The yearning strengthens and the deep knowledge is being released in many human beings. And you can feel it, you can feel it so deeply: You are more, you are so much more than just human.
Having become aware of your divinity in many different moments of linear time there was that moment for you, too, when you decided to trust in your presence on this planet having a deep meaning, and in one moment, with one breath you knew that this is the truth, that you have a task, a job, and that it is no coincidence that you have come onto this very planet in so many incarnations of time in order to take part here.
When the biggest spiritual process manifests, and Quin'Taas, the New World, appears, you are a part of this world, a part of this world full of light, joy, security, abundance, human love, peace. And this peace, this you feel really deep inside. For it is arriving already, it is arriving already.
The shadow worlds, they are there, but you are moving in the lightful side of the energy. You connect to the current of love and confidence. Your heart is open to compassion. You carry gratitude. You are aware of your creative power. Going over to the shadow world is almost no longer possible for you, for your yearning carries you into the lightful, loving, the confident, the open life, full of trust, the life of the divine Reality, what you feel inside, the aliveness of love, the aliveness of love. To know that there is more for you than the life as human being. In one moment, when you become aware of your divinity, in the one moment when you not just understand, but feel that you are more than just human.
The original power of life, the original power of being, the original power of the creative power, the original power of manifestation exist in these words. But it is up to you to make up your mind for this confidence, for the love, for the openness, for the light, for the singing of the Starseed, for the original sounds that will be released, for the new that is moving along the energetic lines, inside as well as outside. You carry the decision to connect there and not to give the shadow worlds the possibility for the shadow to touch you in your light anymore. No shadow shall cover your light. You will succeed by trusting, by feeling the deep intention inside, not letting yourself be put off, and more than ever before trusting our words that have carried you here. They have carried you throughout the years of linear time and let you feel: You are more, so much more than just human. When you feel this inside, this love, openness, the confidence, the trust, the childlike basic faith in the good in every human being will guide you into the depth of your abilities.
Become a child in your heart, do not let the words of the shadow world that feed your intellect, but defile your heart, put you off. Be like the love, for you are the love. Love IS. It does not ask questions, it does not place conditions, it IS. And the more you feel this love, the deeper can the energies flow into you in their radiant power. And for you in the linear time that still accompanies you every day, every day is like a blank, empty page and you write on it. With your thoughts, with your feelings you fill this paper with words, with love and confidence, with compassion and gratitude.
The energies have changed in their circulation in all human beings. This circulation enables you to gain deeper and deeper access to your abilities, and the power of manifestation, the power of manifestation expands in you, but for this you need an open heart, the humility, the gratitude, the feeling. Hear the singing of the Starseed. They are singing for you, for the planet. The sounds that are being brought to you embed themselves in you, and it happens now in this moment, in one moment full of mysticism and enchantment, when the divine Source pours these energies over you to the sounds of the divine Reality.
Sounds of the divine Reality
You go into the waves of the lightful energies in the now-moment, beyond time and space. The Nyoonische Light connects with SHADEES and it pours incessantly to the planet SOL'A'VANA.
Stay away from the shadow world. One day, one day you will wake up and you will see Quin'Taas and SA'MAA'TAH. You are and go in to this divine Reality energy of Quin'Taas deeper and deeper, and the shadow will not be there anymore. And the more you stay in this light in the now-time, the more expanding will your divine light be in Quin'Taas. Trust in the manifestation, in the big manifestation that is beginning now. Use the Crystals. Use SOL'A'VANA, TORA'AN'TARIA, ANA'LOTUS, ELEXIER, ESCHA'TA, MONA'OHA, MOHA'RA, AN'ANASHA. Feel your soul like a child and carry the light into the light of the manifestation.
Become aware of what energetic power the original power of divinity is in you and heed the original sounds that have been released in the universe. The Starseed bring these original sounds to the human beings in order to remind them, to remind them that they, too, have a task and a job. No living being on this planet is without meaning. Become aware that this wisdom is deep in your soul and the soul knows the truth, that the truth always finds its way, that the Christ Light is with you. Everything is possible through you, through the collective, through the energetic pourings in, through the compassion that is forming on this planet, through the love that is expanding and is stronger than any fear. Carry this awareness and manifest the good, true and beautiful.
We are with you, more than ever, with each breath you take. Melek Metatron says goodbye with the words:
Eternally, eternally, eternally.