Information about the Adaptation Phase from Sabine Sangitar (from June 4, 2014)


Is it possible to see the 1728 pillars of light in the adaptation phase?

Particularly at the beginning of the adaptation phase it is important to switch on your inner wisdom. It will be so that you have three eyes, the physical ones and the third eye. The third eye will nourish itself energetically and then you will be able to see all the energetic things. Only in the beginning it will be a bit strange. There will be some who doubt their perception. But in time all of that will become a matter of course. You will no longer make any differences between the eye you see with.

In Lemuria you worked without a body for a very long time and had no physical eyes, but you were there energetically. And now in the adaptation phase it is so that you have a body and begin to see the energetic things again. The third eye will definitely show you what you should see.


How will Jesus reappear?

The field of 1728 pillars of light will appear multidimensionally. This means, it will appear not only in Israel but nearly everywhere on this planet. One pillar of light which is carried by the imprints and energetic patterns of the 36 High Councillors and 12 human beings is the pillar of light the kindled Crystal MONA'OHA lies on top of. Jesus will reappear in this pillar of light. It will not be the case that Jesus reppears, steps out of his pillar of light and visits the human beings. First Jesus will be perceived as a figure of light there. The human beings will set off to make a pilgrimage to this apparition. In time the apparition will become clearer and clearer and adopt more solid material sometime. 12 and 144 human beings are permitted to enter this pillar of light. And Jesus will also come out of his pillar of light into this field. But that will take a while. The energies and the adaptation phase have to nourish themselves first. 


Will light phenomena be visible in the sky?

This will happen quite soon. Even before the adaptation phase, even before the last membrane falls. That will also become a matter of course sometime.


Will the Arcturians show themselves?

They will certainly show themselves in the multidimensional field of the pillars of light. The Arcturians deserve a crown or 99 color rays. They work tirelessly and far from their home planet. They, too, carry yearning within and feelings. They are very loving. The law on their planet is that they swap. Whenever they give something they take something. And now, at this moment they do not really get anything for what they do on our planet. Right now they are trying to do installations in the ley lines with their new technology in order to create bridging during power failures. The new technology will also be in the field of the pillars of light.


Will we get 999 years old?

I am almost sure that through the adaptation phase nearly all human beings will get between 150 and 200 years old without this causing amazement. It will be normal. This will happen relatively quickly. The more the adaptation phase is nourished the older the human beings will get. How long the adaptation phase will be nobody knows. It would also be possible to renew oneself in the pillars of light. However, it takes quite a lot to be able to do this. On the other hand - this is already the case now - many human beings will leave the planet. We have no influence over that. The core of the soul has determined this. But this should not frighten you.


How will we communicate with each other?

That is a very important subject as it will arrive soon in the adaptation phase. We will communicate via the third eye and the heart. Nonetheless we will also speak normally. You will choose words for someone who is not so aware of himself yet, but you will notice very quickly that you can communicate via the heart and the person opposite you understands you.


How does my merkabah kindle itself for travel?

The key for this is in your pillar of light.


Will there still be schools?

I think that there will be a different kind of school. I can hardly imagine that the current education system will continue. After the high point of the ascension things will not suddenly be new. Society structures, such as the government, will continue until this changes step by step. Certain energies which nourish themselves will then assert themselves. Thus it is also when we create the new world.


Why is it so important to create the new world now?

A new world can only come into being with its energies when a big collective puts energies into something. This is how each epoch came into being. You can imagine this like a big cauldron in which the energies you create are collected. From there the new world comes into being. It takes some time until the energies find their way. In certain things it will happen relatively quickly. The financial system is already partly collapsing. Might will not be able to persist. We are going into a beautiful world.