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Channeling About Love, Happiness and Contentedness


from Melek Metatron (29 June 2006)


Greetings my dear lights on Earth. It is the time of higher realization and expanding consciousness. Many of you feel the yearning to develop more and thus your soul guides you deeper and deeper into realization. For some of you this is also connected with pain, and thus it is a joy for Melek Metatron to give you an opportunity to go on a journey of realization with these messages from the divine Reality.


Sometimes it is enough to withdraw from the collective thought patterns and to shift the viewpoint for a few moments. Open your heart and let yourself fall with the words of Melek Metatron - into the waves of energy that flow to you from the dimension of the divine Reality and whisper to you how wonderful you are. We honor you for your courage when you once decided in the universe to go onto planet Earth, to pull the veil of oblivion around you and experience yourself, the high light, as human. Now, in this moving time of change your soul sends you impulses to experience yourself as divine and to recognize yourself as divine. Everything you need for this you find in yourself. We can help you to discover the potential that is laid out in you. For through this you will recognize the divine love and learn to feel and live the divine Core in you.


Before you continue to read close your eyes and take a few moments to feel what you connect with the words love, happiness and contentedness. Is it not so that exactly love is connected with something in the outside? The love for a certain human being, the love for your family, the love for your children, the love for your parents, the love for your animals, the love for nature, the love for your work, the love for art, or the love for the spiritual world?


Close your eyes again and try to feel how much this love is connected with fear and disappointment sometimes. The fear of being deserted, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of failing? Imagine a pair of scales and put love into one pan and fear into the other. It is important that you allow yourself to recognize this fear now. Simply let it happen and take time for this.


When you look at the part of the scales in which the fear is, then I ask you who has caused you so much fear. Is it the collected experiences when you were deserted? Did somebody tell you you were not good enough, not pretty enough, too old or too young? Was your look directed outside while you listened to the others? And what pain did this produce in you?


How would it be if you could love without any kind of fear? Would this not be the bursting of your fetters, a path into freedom, into happiness and into contentedness? What would change in your life if you could give yourself to love in each moment, without fear? Melek Metatron tells you: This is possible and it has to do with the realization of the divinity in you.


When we look at you, then we see you as what you are: An expression of divinity on Earth. But because of the veil the realization of your magnificence is difficult for you. Even when you have gained the knowledge that you need for this it is still hard for you to feel your divinity and live it in everyday life.


Because of that Melek Metatron would like to take you on a journey into the depth of your soul. We have told you that you find everything that you need for this realization in yourself. And thus there is something in you that is bigger and more powerful than anything you have ever experienced and felt in the outside: Your divine Core.


This divine Core may be veiled, but it is there. When you give yourself to this power with expanded consciousness, a gate of absolute love for yourself opens for you. When you recognize this might of divinity and learn to use it, then fear loses its entitlement and you will realize that happiness and contentedness are no coincidence. You yourself are the expression of happiness and contentedness with each breath of your soul. It is the bliss of experiencing that you are not alone, but embedded in the security and power of the divine Source. Nothing can happen to you when you give yourself to the love for yourself. The more you let God work in you, the more will the divine power work in you. The words of Christ are: Love your neighbor like yourself.


When you close your eyes in a moment you will feel the power and the redemption, for the energies have already begun to embed you in your divine power field. Imagine a candle in the middle of a wonderful room. Look into the flame. With each breath this flame expands and lights up the room. When you close the eyes then take the flame with you into your soul and feel how it expands further and brings you into contact with your divinity. Take some time for this and let a fusion take place at the peak of your feelings. Embrace yourself.


Now imagine the pair of scales once more. The part that was full of fear begins to change. For instead of fear the flame of divinity arrives and a feeling of happiness and contentedness is in you.


This love you carry to the outside. Fear has given way and has made room for the realization of who you are. God in you expands and with this power and might you are perfect - just as you are.


When you give yourself to love from now on and give your love away in the outside, then it will be different. The power of divinity will let you feel freedom, without fear of love. You will not ask yourself any more what unconditional love means, for you realize that each human being, just like you, carries this divine Core within. And through recognition of this divine Core you can love this human being, unconditionally.


Should fear get in touch once more, then feel the flame in you and see how it burns the fear. Not only will you realize that you yourself are the expression of happiness and contentedness, but happiness and contentedness will manifest in your sphere. For what you bring from the inside to the outside shows itself in each movement of your energy. The realization and feeling of who you are lets the great pressure of wanting give way and the energies work full of power and love without the wanting of the ego. The acceptance that each human being bears the same divine Core within lets you experience the deep contentedness of forgiveness for yourself. All that is perceived in the outside by each individual, but also by the collective energies. Through this a big grid of unconditional love can be erected.


With your strength you make a big contribution to the lightwork on Earth. The veils of the dimensions are already very thin and each expansion of your consciousness contributes to the planetary ascension.


We honor and love you so immeasurably.


With these words Melek Metatron says goodbye to you and says: