OMAR TA SATT dear Lightworker!


Here you may register for the online Kryonschool (48 Steps) or SOL'A'VANA Steps.
If you would like to start the online Kryonschool (48 Steps) or SOL'A'VANA Steps, please fill in the registration form completely.


Each Step includes the script and the meditations as well as the Crystals of the Light Language. The 1st Steps of the Kryonschool and the SOL'A'VANA Steps are free of charge.

After your registration has been completed successfully, you have full access to Step 1 of both the Kryonschool and SOL'A'VANA Steps (with PDF and MP3-files). They will be at your disposal for download from the member area of our website.


Payment is possible via Paypal.

Once your payment via Paypal has been successful, we will authorize your access to your further Steps.

You can order new Steps directly on the student's MyArea page whenever you are ready and have access to them immediately after payment.


If you have any questions about the Kryonschool, please send an email to


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You also have the possibility to take the Steps in a group which is accompanied by a licensed Kryonschool Trainer.

You will participate in regular meetings and there take the Steps in a group, together with your trainer. Your Steps (script and further information, Crystals and mp3-files) will be activated online, in your MyArea for download.

Your trainer will gladly support you in word and deed and lovingly accompany your awakening. 


You can find all English speaking licensed Trainers of the Kryonschool in our Portal for Trainers and Lightworkers.