The Third Language and the Crystals from Divine Reality

Here you can find the Crystals from Divine Reality as well as the Alphabet of the Elohim. The Crystals have the energy of the gods and they are very helpful on our path to Awakening.

You will find more information about the Crystals here >>>


The Language of the Elohim, of the angels, is the universal language of Divine Reality. It is also called "The Third Language". Use it in your prayers as often as is possible for you.



The Crystals have been examined by Dr. Masaru Emoto.



For this he informed water with the Crystals from Divine Reality, froze it and took pictures under a microscope.For the photos, click here >>>




Crystals from the Divine Reality - as iPhone application


The IPhone app. contains 54 different Crystals, and allows you to select a Crystal for the day with just a shake of the iPhone. It contains a brief history and background to the Crystals, detailed descriptions of each Crystal, the ability to email a Crystal to a friend, or to tweet the image of a Crystal in Twitter, and to generate spreads of 3, 5 and 9 Crystals to shed light on your situations and feelings, for example.

The English version is free to download.

There is also a Pro app. which is a multilanguage version in the four languages, in which the Kryonschool course is available at the moment, English, German, Spanish and Russian. The Pro app. costs US$9.99


The links to the iTunes store are:

Free version:

Pro version: