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Questions for Kryon




Why does the Kryonschool bear Kryon's name and which other entities are also involved in the Kryonschool?



The 48 Steps have never been channeled by Kryon alone. For these 48 Steps 36 High Councillors of the Light were called so that these messages for the New Age would be passed into the world. They are messages of the New Age and the High Councillors of the Light have a big part with their energy and their messages. Kryon was chosen and has the honorable task to take part in these Steps with his magnetic love energy. Thus it is not just the school of Kryon but more the school of the 36 High Councillors and the female aspect of Kryon. The school bears the name of Kryon because this ensures that every Step is charged with magnetic love energy, even if it has not been brought by Kryon. The highest energy part of the Steps comprises the energy of the divine Source, Melek Metatron. The energy of awakening pours into the Light Body of the human beings through each message. For the New Age it is important to prepare the human beings for the coming age. Many masters and angels were asked to speak at these 48 Steps. And each master makes a contribution so that the energies in the Light Bodies of the human beings who take these Steps can expand. Kryon chose the medium Sabine Sangitar for this because it possesses a magnetic channel and was created as a Nuni.


They are messages of love which prepare the human being, carried and expanding, for the change of dimensions.



Why is always only one step of awakening mentioned?



There can only be one step which leads into the divine Awakening at last. But in the duality in which you are it is often difficult for the human being to take this one step without any help or instructions. Because of that we decided to give instructions, charged with love energy, in order to make you aware of what is present in you anyhow. But as we know how the duality works for you we also know that access to that which lies in you - the divine in you - lies over you like a veil. Because of that you cannot find it sometimes. They are also instructions of higher vibration and the dawning of awareness. Everything you need you carry within. And we have the task to give instructions. For each one of you has the right to take up the inheritance and to absorb the energy of redemption in order to carry out the planetary ascension.


If every human being who judges these sacred 48 Steps were to give himself the permission to listen to them the realization that the truth is mirrored in all facets of the Steps would arise. We do not manipulate, nor do we intrude on the free will. But it is time to pass on the whole knowledge. They are messages of love which are being passed on by a medium of love. Kryon as well as the 36 High Councillors of the Light bring you the message: Only you can decide what happens to your heart through the touch of the Steps.


We have often mentioned that these Steps are one possibility. Just as there are also other possibilities of expansion and the divine Awakening. We speak to and call the frequency of the golden-blue light.




Is the Awakening an individual process? Is it possible to prepare for the Awakening in steps and in seminars?



The actual Step into the Awakening is represented by the 48th Step.

We have conveyed to you in so many messages that the process of awakening is a very individual process. Every human being feels the divine Awakening in himself as something that is far-reaching and very personal. And it may show itself differently for each human being. Naturally it is also possible to get to a sudden divine Awakening through an experience.


But the experience from the point of view of the spiritual world is the following: The human beings who experience a process of awakening suddenly, without any presentiment and without spiritual expansion are often overtaxed by their insights. You have to understand that a light expansion in the Light Body of 88 percent is necessary for a complete Awakening. That is a massive energy increase! It is very important that the human beings prepare themselves well for the process of awakening as in the duality the human being could lose his foothold. This can lead to strong Light Body symptoms.


No matter which path the human being is taking, he should receive preparation. The 48 Steps are one possibility for this in which you are constantly in unity and harmony with the energy of the High Councillors of the Light over a longer period of time.


We love you so much and give everything in order to make the planetary change of dimensions easier for you. For us there is no assessment or judging. Every human being should look for his own path which touches him in the soul




Is it permissible to charge money for seminars and schools which lead to awakening?



This is the law of balance, giving and taking, which you have created yourselves. Even here we would not interfere, the way we do not interfere in any law. But take into consideration that a soul which receives something would also like to give something. With you this is being done in the form of money. For us this is without any judgment.


Also, this giving expresses the intention to awaken which is very important.