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Public Channeling of December 2, 2009



• Review of the Year 2009
• Energy Transmission for Lady Gaia

I am Kryon. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. Hosts of angels have gathered here among you. They have hurried here to feel you, to bring you the elixier of love, to touch you and to sing you a song in the highest sounds of the Divine Reality. They relish dipping into the depth of your soul in order to touch you very personally.

For you a year is drawing to a close. Kryon has once told you: It is a year of conflict, a year of strife – at the outside as well as on the inside. For many of you there were turbulences of energetic nature. Let Kryon bring energetic words. Everything have you lived through since the beginning of time by having decided so courageously to travel into the duality. You were so brave, a loving light. You have lived through everything, you have accepted the heaviness of the body, lived through incarnations and fought for the light. You have gone through the valley of darkness in order to brighten it with your light. You have lived, loved, you have suffered – in so many facets. And now you are sitting here on your chair, in this incarnation, in this time.

And now I speak to your divine light. I speak to your soul. I do not speak to your mind. I touch your divine light in the deepest depth, on a level which raises and expands you. What are you afraid of when you have lived through everything already? It is not the light that frightens you, but the duality and the fetters you are wearing because you impose them on yourself, because you draw limits for yourself because your mind tries to persuade you of it. But I speak to your divine core. I speak to your soul. Now is the time to burst the fetters, to enter a new day, to experience a new morning – full of light and magic, full of enchantment and miracles, without worry and without fear – to organize your life as lightworker just as is right and good for you. Nothing impedes you in the Divine Reality and only this counts for these are the words of truth. Your soul feels that these are the bearing words. So I ask you: Are you ready, here and now, at this moment, to release all your fetters that keep you from living your life just as your divine core is whispering to you, as the divine might in you is showing you? Do you want to have a life full of magic, miracles, beauty, joy, health, abundance and human love? Do you want to let yourself be borne away out of the everyday life of duality that is so full of worry, free yourself from the fears with which you impede yourself? If you are willing to do this, then you have the opportunity now to do this once and for all.

Kryon asks you: Go into the deepest intention, into your soul, and look for your divine core.

Conflict means to be torn. To know who you are in your Self on the one hand, to sense what it means to become aware and to realize – on the other hand are the doubts, the duality.

Breathe the light of love into yourself. Then hear the words of Kryon: The energy of strife is over. Since you have lived through everything in all incarnations, what are you afraid of in the here and now? Your soul whispers the truth to you with all your aspects. Free yourself from all your self-imposed limitations. Though the outer strife increases the inner strife dries up in you. For in this moment you will feel how an angel in his softness and gentleness envelops you in energy of grace and fulfilment of your Self. Your aspects begin to glow and your soul can develop. Be what you are. And if you are ready we will help you now, together with the great lights of the Divine Reality, to burst all the fetters and give you freedom. Your doing and your work shall begin. And so lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up.

(Powerful music is played)

Say goodbye to the old and permit the new to arrive. Permit yourself to feel the energy of peace, of joy and of magic. Begin the day with the wise saying that the divine light in you is able to move mountains. Oh, believe me, if this year has been very turbulent for many human beings, it leads into bliss for the Earth will rise some time. But these were only the beginnings and a raging of the energies will begin in every respect.

It is very important to check one's thoughts as well as one's emotions, to look at the divine light and to hear what the soul speaks. Turn away from fear and worry. Turn towards light, carefreeness, contentedness and towards the divine might. Do not allow limitations any more. Realize that you are the chosen one. Realize the special feature in you. Recognize the light that blazingly unites with anything you have ever been. All energies connect and become one. You are that what you are. And this releases a power that is boundless if only you permit. Gone are the times of restraint, the times of action are beginning and the intention is burning in your soul. You will realize, the new morning wakes you up with a smile.

At this moment breathe the energy of the angels into yourself. Anything that you expect will show itself indeed. Gone are the times of waiting. It is the time of action. Your aspects are unifying and you radiate the light for the human beings. Thus recognize your magnificence and your power, your work on Earth.

And so, at the end of the year we ask you to open all your channels and celebrate Lady Gaia, to send her energies that she needs. Go into the deep intention and connect yourself with the consciousness of Lady Gaia by feeling that you are one with all-that-is. Full of power and energy you turn to Lady Gaia. For Lady Gaia is a part of you and Lady Gaia also feels conflict. Thus you are bearer of the energies by making yourself available as channel. Thus we will send energies through you to Lady Gaia together with sounds from the Divine Reality once more.

[Music is played]

Thus you as the lightworkers have done something very valuable for Lady Gaia. Lady Gaia needs lightworkers such as you are. Many human beings are going to step up to difficult times. Thus there will be energetic explosions, a massive devaluation of money, nations will split, peoples fight each other. From the highest authority there will be attempts to scare the human beings in the duality in order to keep the human beings small. There will be energetic processes that nobody will understand. It is all the more important that you are in your power. For when you understand that you bear the might to achieve anything in your divine core then you can give everything. When you can take all the presents and gifts you can also pass them on. Each single one of you is of the utmost importance in these times.

Hear the words of Kryon once more: Your divine core, your soul, it speaks to you. Listen to the words of your soul, to the sounds. Put your mind aside. Go into action. Have no fear. You are so full of courage and strength. Do not allow the duality to rob you of this. Experience how the Divine Reality can develop for you on Earth. No longer allow conflict. Profess your divinity, your strength and power. Of course we know that it is also difficult for many human beings in many moments to deal with the Light Body symptoms that you come down with. But believe me, wailing and crying will not help. Profess what you are. For it was you, you were the one who has already worked in Lemuria with his light. In each of your incarnations you have been prepared for this here. And, believe me, not all the preparations were easy for you. So much experience, so much energy have you gathered in order to be involved in this New Age as divine light. Human beings will try to make you quit your path, but the Christ light in you is expanding and it replies with redemption energy. It is a time of profession, a time of miracles, but above all a time of magic. Remember, when you awake in the morning, to invite the Divine Reality to expand in your soul and to begin the day with a smile in the certainty that the bearing power in you makes the miracles happen.

And so let us speak the words together: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.

In your time the dimensional gates of Lentos will be opened soon. It comprises that a new energy wave arrives. Everything unifies to one energy. Bid it welcome. You are being loved immeasurably.