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Animals and plants



I am Master Kuthumi. I, too, greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT and take advantage of this opportunity to address my messages to you through Sangitar.


Kuthumi was chosen to tell you about the animal kingdom and plant world. When Sangitar asked me what interests the human beings in the duality, what they would like to know about animals and plants, I hurried to the Wise Council immediately for we could not possibly answer all these questions beyond the veil. But I would like to answer the most important subjects, the burning questions of your soul.


Thus I will begin by splitting the animals into four categories. The first category are the only beings who are angels in the body of an animal. They are the whales and dolphins, who have a special task and differ from the whole rest of the animal kingdom. Dolphins and whales are angel entities who have come to the planet and are living in the oceans. They cannot be influenced by the energy of Lucifer. They are highly energetic, work on the earth grid and are there for the human beings with their whole all-embracing love. They enrich Lady Gaia and also the human beings with their energy.


The second category of animals who have come to the planet are animals for Lady Gaia, to help her with her process. They are animals who are important for the Earth in many ways for they are the ones who have come to the planet in order to serve as food. Kuthumi will go into this further.


Then there are animals who have come to the planet who you call pets. It is with these I would like to begin. The first question Sangitar posed that I would like to answer was whether all the animals reincarnate. This question is definitely to be answered with no. Only pets will reincarnate. For they are of service to the human beings. They are similar to the Representatives of Love. They bring human beings a certain frequency of love, namely unconditional love. Many human beings possess pets and many human beings feel this unconditional love which the animals give them. Through this woven vibration between human being and animal a special energy can arise which makes it possible for human beings to open themselves for other higher energies. These pets are here in order to serve the human beings, in order to love and to accompany them. For many human beings it is a drama when such an animal leaves them. Always when such an animal returns home and leaves the planet it does this for a certain reason and at the right time for the human being. Even if this may be very painful for you it is still the case that you live through a process in this particular moment which moves you forward a bit. Through this you can feel energies and feelings of grief. Many human beings find it hard to permit feelings of grief. When a beloved pet goes it is easier for human beings to permit these feelings. It is as if a knot were coming undone and from out of the grief a special kind of love energy is created which spreads in your soul and expands you. The soul of your pet loves you so much that it will incarnate again immediately when you have overcome the grief. There is a special transit between the soul and you. What Kuthumi is going to say to you now will be hard to understand for you and perhaps not comprehensible for your mind: When you have lost a pet and get a new pet, then it is certain to be the same soul again. It does not have to be the same animal. If perhaps it was a little mouse before it may now be a big dog, or a donkey, even an elephant - it does not matter which body the soul assumes. The soul will be the one which was present in your previous pet. This happens through certain transit traffic in the universe which is set up specially for this. There is much more in the universe than you could ever imagine. We send you everything which serves you and for which you ask. To have pets, to feel the unconditional love of these animals is a very important process, for you as adult as well as for children. They are Representatives of Love who accompany you and who also develop higher with each incarnation. When they have served at your side they can raise themselves energetically. Thus they will also be at your side as Representatives of Love after the ascension.


However, animals who incarnate in order to be available as food generally incarnate only once. They agree, and come to Earth, to be eaten. You have to imagine that.  But even this they do with a special kind of love. Again and again the question is posed: Is it right to eat an animal? But beforehand Kuthumi would like to bless all those who do not ingest meat. But even the human beings who feel the inclination to eat meat within do not need to have a bad conscience for these beings knew exactly why they went to Earth and what they made themselves available for. But what is very, very important for Kuthumi to tell you is: How an animal is killed is of enormous importance. Also how an animal is kept during its lifetime is of enormous importance. When you ingest meat then honor and respect it. Bless it for having made itself available. Bless this dying and hold your hands over the meat and say a short prayer. With this you are doing a very good thing. When animals are kept badly, when they are packed together in a stable, without love and without appreciation, and are then eaten, or the the products which these animals give, such as milk or cheese for example, when this is done from keeping them in a way in which the animals were not respected, then mostly an allergy arises with the human beings. There is a certain energy in the animals. This energy agrees with your cell structure only when this animal is kept in love and good treatment in a stable. In your civilization there are more and more allergies and they are caused by just that, when groceries, animal products are not respected and honored. Respect each living being and honor each living being of the planet.


Then there are animals who, just like human beings - even though you may not like to hear that - carry low energy. There are animals who are responsible for passing on low vibration of energy. They are bearers of illnesses. To name just two of these animals: mosquitos and ticks. This also has energetic meaning. Not only among the human beings, but also in different epochs it is the case that the light fights against the low energy and that the high energy expands. You will also find this again in the animal kingdom.


With the plants it is so that the plants, the trees, the forests have come as the breathing system for Lady Gaia. They, too, are living beings and ought to be respected and honored. Plants breathe prana. They have different breathing and supply Lady Gaia with oxygen. Without these plants, without these trees and forests Lady Gaia could not live. This cutting down and clearing of the forests is such a big painful process for Lady Gaia. It is as if the oxygen were withdrawn from you. Plants and trees are highly sensitive and carry a very, very high energy within. It is exactly the same as with the animals. The more you respect them, the more you accept this into your consciousness, the more perceptible this breathing and the consciousness of the trees and plants will become for you. Lady Gaia depends on nature through this. Without the plants Lady Gaia could not live. After the ascension the variety of plants will be even greater and expand further. In the universe we speak of the blue planet because you have such wonderful oceans. But after the ascension it will also be the green planet for the variety of plants, flowers and animals will be so immeasurable, just like paradise. Therefore it is so important to honor and respect everything that lives on this planet. In reality everything is alive, everything is subject to a living energy.


The question whether animals will still be eaten after the ascension Kuthumi will answer with a clear 'no'. There will be a variety of food which you do not know yet. It will not be a loss for you, instead you will realize that your palate will enjoy other things. Even light will serve you as food.


Kuthumi would like to turn to all those who like eating meat. Do not have a bad conscience, but perhaps you can try to reduce it a little and to respect and honor the meat when it lies on a plate in front of you. Express your thanks. The best way, the best energetic way would be if every human being who ingests an animal as food were to kill it himself. But I know that this is not possible. Pay attention to how your animals are kept, pay attention to where you receive your products. Make enquiries, make it your mission to question whether the animal died in dignity or whether it was slaughtered in intensive livestock farming.


Here, too, there are pets in the room. Kuthumi would like to bless these Representatives of Love. They are highly devekoped beings and these animals love their human beings so much. Always treat your pet as you treat the Representative of Love who is at your side. Do not become impatient, and speak with your pet. The best way to do this is if you send pictures or certain sounds. More than you guess your pet can understand this. Show your animal how much you love and respect it.


Birds are bearers of the energies. They carry certain energies and connect them. Many types of bird are also higher developed and have a certain task. They are strongly connected with the elements. When you go into the silence and into nature, then you will realize that they sing the sounds of the Divine Reality. Most birds are also strongly connected with the nature spirits, with the elves and elbs.


Kuthumi is looking at your Light Bodies now. These are so wonderful. A glow comes into being and it is such a great joy to see you gathered here for you are the bearers of the light. You are the harbingers, the messengers of God.


Kuthumi will also be with you during the festival and envelop you with the loving energy. My dear ones, my dear lightworkers, I love you so much.


My whole light structure for you is AN'ANASHA.