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Kryon Festival Fall 2009




  • The Age of the Heralds Lentos
  • How Spiritual Doubt Came into Being


I am Sheldrak. I am the messenger of God, I am the herald, I am what I am - a deity of the universe. My being is full of immeasurable love, full of power and strength. And with these words Sheldrak would like to greet you: OMAR TA SATT.


With each message, with each word that Sheldrak lets flow to you through the medium energy of awakening flows, the deep realization to feel who you are in reality.


The magnetic master, the magnetic messenger of love, the high being Kryon has conveyed the message to you that each being announces the immeasurable love in a very special way.


Sheldrak will do this by conveying the messages of the age of Lentos to you. It was an age of heralds and many of you were these heralds yourselves. And what - you will ask yourselves - what was heralded in this age? Was there not heralding in every age? In order to understand this one has to go back to the most important ages. Of course you have heralded in different ways in each age. But Lentos was a very special age for there was a time in Atlantis when it was not certain whether the planet can be preserved or whether God inhales. For too many had turned towards the dark might in this age. When Atlantis was washed away the high lights, the human beings began to pray. They prayed the prayer of love for they were aware that God himself hears these prayers. So it was decided that God continues to breathe. But something had to happen that was unique for the planet in order to make this possible at all. For the planet needed a certain energy to be able to continue to exist at all. As the entire First Universe is one big experiment and therefore a great game, it was granted that the planet can continue to exist if certain circumstances are fulfilled. The uniqueness consisted of the fact that a special energy had to be created so that this could happen.


And so something has happened that has happened only once in the entire history - that God himself has born a seed out of himself from the Divine Thought Field, called Jesus. In Lentos preparations were made, and the heralds and the messengers of God had the task to herald that God's Son will be born on Earth, on the planet. This was a very, very difficult task in this age. Even though the human beings were aware of themselves spiritually the love in their hearts was not as mature as it is today in the Golden Age. And it was difficult for the heralds to spread this message among the human beings. This was the task in Lentos.


In your age in the duality there is always talk of numbers and periods of time. But you cannot really imagine how long and how much time was needed to herald the birth of Christ. You, the golden-blue frequency, and many other frequencies trusted the heralds and through this trust something came into being that is described in your duality as the star of Bethlehem. In reality it is the Prosonodo Light. This Prosonodo Light is the living merkabah of Christ and it became visible for a few frequencies and for many, many human beings who opened themselves. Many, many human beings felt called. They felt the urge in their soul to follow this star, this Prosonodo Light. For they knew that this was one of their tasks, to go to where the Son of God will be born. Thus it happened that various frequencies, 12 frequencies, with many human beings set out in order to experience the uniqueness, the birth of Christ.


We will skip a very, very long period of time, for your mind cannot understand how long human beings lived in their body without leaving it. And many of you, but also many of other frequencies thus experienced the birth of Christ. The High Councillors of the Light embedded the seed of God in the Prosonodo Light and thus Jesus incarnated on Earth in a deep, deep duality. In a deep veil of oblivion he did not know who he was. But Jesus - just like you - recognized himself in the course of time. He awakened and knew who he was. He knew which task he bore within himself and he knew that this task would not be an easy task. Nonetheless Jesus carried out the duty on Earth for the human beings with full dedication, with all that he is. For he knew that he must bring the energy of redemption onto the planet and to the human beings so that the divine Father, the Divine Thought Field continues to breathe. So that the planet as well as the human beings can live, so that it can come to the planetary ascension that is always talked about. All the things you can read in various scriptures on Earth say that Jesus had desciples who accompanied him on his path, but the 12 desciples were 12 different frequencies in reality. And in each single frequency many human beings were at work for Jesus, for the power, for the broader view.


But something came that was not planned. One frequency betrayed Jesus. This hurt Jesus in the depth of his soul, and for a moment Jesus doubted the human beings. He doubted whether it is right that God continues to breathe, but it was only a moment. But in this moment something happened that is of significant importance for the Golden Age, for the present. In this one moment in which Jesus doubted the spiritual doubt came into being. The seed of doubt laid itself into the soul of the human beings and thus Jesus could not complete his work. In his deep love he has forgiven this frequency. He has raised it back into the status of light, but still he was not able to complete his work on Earth.


It was extremely important for Sangitar to receive an answer to a question. She asked me: "But there has been doubt also in other ages?"

The answer to this is obvious and full of clarity: A spiritual doubt has never existed in other ages. For you have to know that in the important ages people, the human beings, you yourselves were highly spiritual. There was no doubt whether there is a god, angels or lightful beings. But the Lucifer energy in this time was very strong and very dense. And in all ages it was always a conscious decision of a human being to turn to either the darkness or the light. Many have turned towards the darkness because they gained power through that. But the spiritual doubt as it shows itself today did not exist in these ages.


Jesus Christ went his path to the end. He brought so much redemption energy onto the planet and to the human beings that God continued to breathe. When Jesus speaks through the medium today, when a walk-in with Jesus Christ takes place and he touches you and looks into your eyes and says: "Through you my work will be completed" he wants to say with it: "You are chosen because you do not carry doubt in yourself".


When Jesus speaks in the collective and says: "Through you my work on Earth will be completed" it means that with his immeasurable love he would like to remind you that this is a time where doubt is to be put aside. The Golden Age, exactly this now-time is a time where the mind is to be put aside. Many human beings need an explanation for their belief, for their hope. They want proof. But this age, this present is orientated to love and to trust, to the opening of the hearts. Many of you have accompanied Jesus. Remember how he touched you and transmitted the redemption energy. Many of you are sitting here today on this chair. Let the work of Jesus complete itself.


The Prosonodo Light is the merkabah, the living net, the star tetrahedron of Jesus Christ. It is tied to the Divine Thought Field with all aspects. As you are taking a path which is called the Pioneer path you will receive the great gift to be attached, connected to the Prosonodo Light, and Jesus will give you an initiation.


It is important that you understand the words of Sheldrak about doubt, for Sheldrak speaks about the spiritual doubt. For the high lights, for Sheldrak, for the 36 High Councillors of the Light doubt does not mean what you call doubt in the original sense, for mostly you doubt yourselves. Sheldrak asks you with all the power and strength, with the energetic pattern which stands behind this word: Put all your doubts aside, for they carry you away from reality and tie you to the duality. Seth will still tell you much about what it means for each single one of you to be free, self-determined and full of happiness. For in the here and now Sheldrak would like to express with powerful clarity: Never has there been a punishing god. The Divine Thought Field, the Throne Angels, the angels and lightful beings in the universe who accompany you, they want that you realize what divine might you bear in yourself and what you can achieve with it in your life. It is your life, your will, your decision. We want, no matter which path you choose in your spirituality, that you free yourself from old patterns which tie you to something that does not serve you. To understand what freedom means is completely different to feeling what freedom means. For when you are free everything is possible.


The energy of Jesus Christ is very perceptible in this room now at this moment and when you open your heart Jesus will touch you. He will whisper to you: Let me touch you so that my work on Earth can be completed.


These messages are of great importance and deep significance, for soon the dimensional gates of Lentos will be opened. And during these days you will also find out what is to be done and what it means to carry out the ascension. I can tell you, we know each single one. Some who receive messages even try to talk you into believing that it will not come to this dimensional change or other than planned, but Sheldrak tells you: The truth finds its way. Und so it shall be as it is. And with these words the deity Sheldrak says goodbye, in the knowledge that you have absorbed these energies with open heart and through this channeling have climbed up a step of consciousness. A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.