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Melek Metatron - Lemuria and Lucifer



Melek Metatron:

  • The Fall of Lucifer
  • The Happenings of Lemuria and Atlantis
  • The Meaning of Lucifer during the Ascension
  • Your Work after the Ascension


The Source of the light is shining in the whole universe. The guardians, the princes, the lights, the angels, the Eye Metatron rises in order to convey the message of love to you. I am the shining in your eyes. I am the light in you. I am the structure which you carry. I am that which cannot be separated. Everythings unifies, the way it has ever been. And yet there are many facts of the universe which have brought many planets into the density of the structure, into the duality. About this the Lord of Hosts, Melek Metatron, will speak with you. Again I greet each single one with the same immeasurable love, no matter which religion, which skin color, which frequency, yes, even those who think they have lost their belief, in themselves and in their divine part, are being greeted with the same immeasurable love, without any judgment, with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The subjects which have been chosen in order to spread the messages throughout the world are energetically highly charged and, as has already been conveyed to you in the last messages, are supplied with a cosmic basic pattern. As you have been told already, each blessing, each initiation, each step, each alignment which you receive is visible in your Light Body like a genetic finger print. Color rays develop which align themselves with sources in your Light Body, sources full of light and sound, which the cosmic Christ transforms into a genetic pattern of peace and love, and mirrors.


There was a time in the universe - and time is something very relative, when Melek Metatron conveys the messages to you Metatron will speak in time epochs so as not to confuse you - there was a time in the universe when everything was aligned within the magnetic field of the God lines. There are many universes but for this channeling we will hold the focus on this First Central Universe. All that comprises the love mirrors itself in this universe of the God Field.


Light of creation created, the divine Source breathed out and agreed to awaken these lights to life. All planets, every being had its place. But, as you know and what has already often been passed on as message, many beings wanted to experience themselves and this was only possible in a big experiment. It took a high energy which was prepared to detach itself from the love bond of God in order to make the experience of light and love possible and perceptible. And so the Cosmic Council decided that if even one high being of the Elohim were ready to detach himself from the God bond of love as angel of creation, completely new experiences would be brought into the universe.


And thus it happened that the highest angel of love of the Thrones of the universe of the Elohim, Lucifer, was prepared to do this. He was sung with the highest sounds and the love bond was severed. Lucifer, as the great light with the great power, let himself fall and exploded into billions of aspects. Some parts also scattered in the universe and Lucifer landet on the planet Earth which was fully aligned with the divine energies. The beings who lived on planet Earth were messengers of the divine Thought Field and had the task to weave crystalline structures into crystal places. It was an impact of aspects so unbelievable as had not been expected. Through this many hundred planets sank and were removed from the magnetic orbit.


Let us stay with planet Earth. The consequence of this impact of the Lucifer energy was that the consciousness of Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, as well as the great avatars of the light inhaled this Lucifer energy. Lucifer himself was scattered in millions of aspects and the biggest aspect of Lucifer came to be forgotten. But he had might and was the bearer of many divine aspects within. But he no longer had a living merkabah. The game of duality began.


Lucifer was aware that he could not ascend into the universal love without a living merkabah anymore. He spread the Lucifer energy across the whole planet like wildfire. Only few of the avatars and the lights were able to deny him. Thus the Earth was removed further and further from the magnetic lines and an autonomous energy form developed, the electromagnetic energy which almost brought the innermost core of Mother Earth to a standstill. Even the avatars and great lights suddenly felt cut off and no longer knew exactly how to behave. This was the time epoch of Lemuria. The remaining avatars did what they always do: they prayed.


In the universe, too, this fall caused great changes. This was not planned. And so the divine Source wanted to inhale the whole First Central Universe. But the angels and the lights sang the greatest sounds. They wanted to fetch the planet back. For you must understand that the inhalation of a universe, of a planet constitute an evaluation only for you. For the divine Source itself it does not matter. But as the universe was so full of life already because of the angels of creation, they asked the high council of the divine Source to continue to exhale. And thus it has happened.


Many meetings followed, plannings as to what one could do in order to fetch back the planet - all planets, but now I am speaking of Mother Earth. First of all it was necessary to ensure that the massive Lucifer energy did not receive the might to destroy the planet. And so something was initiated first which requires great preparation. The female divine Source, Shakti, agreed to concentrate the feminine energy and to carry it to Lemuria to the crystal libraries. Many Venusians, the great lights, agreed to go into the duality in order to unite with Lucifer so that the love energy had a chance to develop further. And so this has happened.


Sometimes you feel very torn. You feel the great love within you, but you also feel that there is another part, and this results from these unions of love and Lucifer. When we say, the angels are sitting at your feet, they hold, they honor and they respect you, then it is also because they know how difficult it is to unify this inner conflict for you are as if torn in two.


But let us go back to Lemuria for total darkness ruled there. Lucifer had the power. But there was the golden priestess who possessed so much courage as to go into this darkness in order to take the light of the crystal libraries out and bring it as counterbalance among the Lemurian people. Many golden priestesses followed her, high-priestesses and -priests. And thus Lemuria, like the beings, became torn in two. On the one side there was total darkness, on the other side the great light. Even today it still requires great courage for many wonderful souls to travel to Lemuria with their aspects.


Let us go into the next time epoch. But before we do this it is still important to know that the gates of Lemuria were closed. Lemuria has withdrawn. The Lucifer energy is behind the dimensional gates of Lemuria as is also the high energy of the golden priests.


Time epoch Atlantis.

Also in this epoch great confusion prevailed. The beings were deeply torn this way and that. They did not know whom they should trust, whom they should serve for the High Council decided, just as the divine Source itself, that God will only then hold still the breath if the human beings find the way back by themselves, with their free will, to themselves, to their divinity. In that age everything was demanded of those beings. The best of each frequency were chosen. They were trained and it was not certain whether God would not inhale after all in order to end this game of the conflict of the duality. But there were you, the Atlanteans. There were the high beings who had agreed, without any demonstrability, even a lot less than today, to work for the light. They did many things without knowing why. Thus a high being ordered to build indestructible buildings all over the Earth, the pyramids, also called Noah's Arc. For the planet Earth was being purified. Thus it was desired. And so these warriors of the light, the old Gods and the Pioneers, gathered and did everything they could in order to save as many human souls as was possible for them. Many simple human beings built the great pyramids in a dimension which was not visible to the human beings, and they proclaimed the word of God across the entire planet. They were exposed to a lot of hostility, they were even killed. The human beings were still too occupied with the inhalation of Lucifer. They did not want to give the Lord of Light their trust.


On the other hand, however, there were also those who followed those who set the tracks full of trust. And the great flood began. The planet was purified in all the facets you can imagine in order to transform the Lucifer energy of Lady Gaia. For it was important for the divine Source itself that Lady Gaia was able to get rid of the inhaled Lucifer energy. And thus the greatest purification of the planet there ever was followed. The marvellous lights, the great love which had also been there as counterbalance during Atlantean times was entered in a grid of crystalline structure and the dimensional gate closed. It was necessary to guarantee this, just as in every time epoch the good, the true is locked into dimensional gates. Thus the Earth was freed of the Lucifer energy in great parts. Lucifer had lost power after the Atlantean times. But so many things were still necessary to guarantee that the planet could be fetched back.


Again from the depth of their hearts the avatars prayed to the divine Source not to inhale the planet and they were such deep and truthful prayers that the divine Source was so touched in its essence, in its deepest core, that it created something out of itself which came to Earth. It was Jesus, the Christ, who carried all aspects and energies of redemption within in order to guarantee the continued breathing of God. But he too was in the deepest duality. You all know the story of the Steps. Jesus awakened. He suddenly knew who he was and thus the whole energy of redemption could pour over the planet. So many were there when this happened. There was a great change on the planet. The divine Source, the angels of creation, the Elohim, called many of you back home into the universe. You were trained. You have gone back to the Earth again in so many incarnations. But the problem which posed itself with it was, that no matter at which level of consciousness you incarnated you had the veil of oblivion first. You experienced yourself as human.


Thus Melek Metatron would like to fall back on what is being mirrored to you in the divine Source in the now-present.

At a time, in your sequence of time a little over 20 years ago, the time had come. The divine council decided that in all human beings, in all living beings, as well as in Lady Gaia, the first Light Body level was to be activated so that it could be ensured that a planetary ascension happens for which the human beings do not have to leave their body and thus become what they are before it gets to the ascension, find God in themselves to be exact.


Many messages have been and are still being sent out into the world but many mediums, many lightworkers suddenly begin to compete with each other. Each word is weighed. Messages are picked to pieces, torn apart and want to be analysed by the mind. This does not help the cause. For what it is about, by and large, is that at least 36% of all human beings discover the divinity in themselves before the planets enter the magnetic lines. I will also tell you why this is so, why so many human beings are necessary. It is also important for Metatron to make known once more that no matter of which frequency, no matter of which religion, no matter which path you are taking, what it is solely about is that you discover the love, the might and the divinity within you. Each doubt withdraws energy from it all.


How often do you ask how it may be during the phase of ascension. Metatron will tell you today.

It is a big change which is approaching and many of you, in this frequency of the golden-blue light which we are concentrating on now, know how important it is to let God awaken in oneself. Very often we have conveyed the message that the gates of Lemuria will be opened at that moment in which Lady Gaia gives the signal.


It is important to know that at that moment in which the golden priestess opens the gate Lucifer will shower the Earth with all aspects once more. Therefore a counterbalance is necessary to withstand this. These aspects will create darkness. It will rain ashes for three days. It takes this long to transform the Lucifer energy. At the same time Shakti will discharge herself from the Ark of the Covenant and many beings of all frequencies will be called to construct a living merkabah. And this you will present to Lucifer. It is such a moving moment, for Lucifer will awaken to what he is, to the highest angel of the universe. Lucifer will be the first who will ascend with a crown in the new energy, received by all the angels and all beings of the light for he is returning home and the work is done.


In a truly big transformation all Lucifer aspects will withdraw and the Earth will be rebuilt, newly created by you, in your bodies. Just as you are you will be received.


It is so important to Metatron to convey another thing to you. Again and again the question of demonstrability appears. You receive a message and ask: Where is proof? You receive an initiation and ask: Where is the proof of this? It is so important to realize that the demonstrability is the genetic fingerprints in your Light Bodies which Christ collects now and mirrors to you. The question, how will it be after the ascension, thus Metatron will answer it for you.


When Lucifer with all aspects and his living merkabah receives the gift of your entire lightwork the core of the world will awaken and great change will take place. Naturally there will be a lot of work, of adaptation and of alignment as it has rained ashes for three days. But you, like all human beings who are willing, of all frequencies, will be prepared to shape the new world. And again you will begin your duty and a great unification will happen.


And Lumina has told you that every time you receive an initiation, or a blessing, or even the drops of blessing of Metatron, a genetic pattern forms. Here in these channelings very much has been said about these energetic patterns and we are doing this just now because the time for this has come so that you become aware that you yourselves are writing the book of life in your Light Body. For through everything which is in you, and how you escape the conflict by making up your mind for the love, your Light Body is shaped and formed. Your Light Body is reached the most deeply by the blessings of Metatron and the drops which Metatron pours out.


Metatron will yet convey more messages but now in this new awareness you will receive drops of blessing, and Metatron asks you to rise for this.


(A powerful song is played)


Thus the life in the universe is a young, a diverse, yes, even a personal life. Each light carries life within and the entire universe, each being is concerned to stand by the planets of the duality when they carry out the leap of change. Each living being in the universe serves the divine Source and serves everything that is light. So much was necessary to convince the divine Source that the souls would free the Earth, Lady Gaia, by their own efforts from the game of duality.


Metatron would also like to tell you that this would not have been possible without help from other universes. Thus we needed magnetic beings from a different universe who were prepared to mesh a new earth grid around the Earth. The Nunis, as they are called in the magnetic universe, are magnetic lights. They know that it has no significance at all whether the divine Source inhales a planet or a section of the universe. For the magnetic lights glow during their task, and fade in order to glow again. But one being has agreed to go into a different universe, as magnetic light to fuse with angels in order to be there for the lights of the planets.


And thus it is the great desire of Metatron to honor Kryon at this point and to thank him for what he does and for what he is. For without Kryon it would not have been possible to strengthen the lost planet. Many helpers from the other universes as well as the entire living universe and all those on Mother Earth who got ready to spread the lightwork without doubt, without discord. For this you receive a multitude of gifts for each living being in the universe is tireless in its doing, in its work.


Thus it will happen and Metatron says AN'ANASHA to all those who show so much courage as you do.


A ni o'heved o'drach.


So it is.