Public Channeling of January 2, 2013



  • The Date 21.12.2012
  • Changes in the Year 2013


Jesus Christ:

  • Everything You Do, You Do for Me



I am Kryon. Kryon, your brother, companion and friend. I greet you with the magnetic love energy, with the words OMAR TA SATT. I greet each and every one. I greet the collective. And I greet the New Age, the change. I also greet all those who are not present here today but still join this energy.


A new year has begun for you. Kryon has been chosen to tell you about the energetic changes. For, for you a certain date was a very important date timewise as the calendar of the green frequency ended and the energy of the Earth entered a new era. But this date produced many expectations and also a lot of confusion even within the golden-blue frequency and many other frequencies. Exactly what has happened? It will be Kryon's task to tell you something about it. For first, this day, the night has apparently passed without any big events, without the expectations of those perhaps being fulfilled who thought and believed that at this exact time, on December 21, 2012, the high point of the ascension would take place.


Actually a lot has happened, and that is what Kryon would like to speak with you about. For it is like a New Age, like a new era that is expanding. Even though the high point of the ascension has not yet taken place, many of you who are spiritually aware were able to feel that energies have changed since that time. They have become more tangible. And, what may be of special significance for many of you is that you can feel that the beings beyond the veil are closer to you and you can feel them more intensively in your heart and in your soul, in your aspects.


Much spiritual power has been released, and even from beyond the veil we have, to use a human expression, kept an eye on a continent and also certain countries. For the continent of Africa plays an important role as many heritages of God are anchored there. This continent is very spiritual and will play a big part for various events of change in the New Age. But we will also supply Israel with highly energergetic energies. A Holy Grail that is of deep significance is there. The grail energy in particular is specially important for the golden-blue frequency. Thus this grail energy will introduce a significant energetic phase of the changes in the coming time.


But it is also the time of the dragons and unicorns. It is the time of the galactic riders and the star travellers. It is a time in which energies manifest so quickly, and it is possible that the energies will manifest very, very quickly with your power of thought when they are guided by the heart. The healers among you will notice that intensive healing on all levels will be possible, for this, too, is part of the changes. The radiant power of SOL'A'VANA, God's breath, has expanded very much on Earth. Many frequencies will absorb these energies with special attention. The golden-blue frequency, the oldest frequency, will spread SOL'A'VANA and will stand for God's breath being spread widely on your planet.


This year particularly the red frequency will occupy itself with this radiant power of God's breath, SOL'A'VANA. The red frequency is the frequency of the sleeping ones. The are the human beings who are still closed to spirituality. In this highly energetic time of SOL'A'VANA they will experience significant processes. It is the task of various frequencies, but particularly of the golden-blue frequency, to support these human beings, guide them into awakening, hold them energetically and be with them. For the changes will become particularly noticeable for this particular frequency.


Lady Gaia is stretching – this is the word Sangitar has taught me – like you stretch sleepily in the morning before you wake up. Lady Gaia will do this too. And this stretching will be of particular significance for your planet. For they are the dischargings that follow.


Trust will become a big subject. But the golden-blue frequency in particular will go deeper into trust than ever before. They will accompany many, many human beings and bring the grail energy to life. But all frequencies will also have spiritual realizations, deep insights and changes, peace, joy and strength. But there will also be hostility from those who sleep. But this hostility, no matter which religion or spiritual orientation – when a human being does not show respect and esteem for a divine light he fights himself. This fighting against oneself will have fatal consequences in the current situation. Thus more human beings will leave this planet.


But human beings will also be called upon to gather. Many human beings will be in collectives and perform miracles. Just like you, the golden-blue frequency. Once before the planet was on the brink of the high point of the ascension. It was at the gathering of the Kryon Festival. But because of the deep love and understanding that the human beings bear inside it was possible to redirect the energies after all. Thus you can expect an exciting time in a collective.


Much is going to change. Especially on the levels of the heart and soul. You will hardly be able to make decisions with your intellect. You will dip even deeper into the levels of the heart and soul and feel the energies, the warmth, the security, the support that the angels give you. And Jesus will become particularly perceptible for you. Even deeper and closer than ever before. It will be possible for many human beings to manifest and to bundle energies so powerfully that they will actually cause visible miracles to happen in many areas.


What is also going to change greatly is the biorhythm. And the cells that have programmed themselves to the New Age will now begin to work very deeply and visibly. You will see that the human beings will get younger and younger, visible on the outside and of course at cell level. The organs will rejuvenate, and yet it will also come to rejuvenations that are not so pleasant for many, particularly the red frequency. For many parts of the duality have already collapsed. And of course this causes changes to happen. The sleeping human beings will change, for at no time can they hold on to the duality, to the structures anymore.


For you I have a gift, for we would like to begin this year with the drops of blessing of SOL'A'VANA. And, as much has happened on the levels of the heart and soul, in your aspects, you will perceive these drops of blessing more deeply and they will bring healing on all levels. Thus Kryon asks you to lay your hands on your heart. And before SOL'A'VANA is brought to you, Kryon asks you to go into the depth of your Self. Feel your divinity and take a little time. For Kryon now asks you to let all your expectations, your wishes, hopes and yearnings that you carry in yourself about the coming time appear before your third eye. Permit yourself to expect all of this for yourself. And now we will pour SOL'A'VANA, God's breath, over you to the sounds from the divine Reality.


(Music is played.)


Miracles can only develop on a soul level. Miracles do not come into being in the intellect, not by wanting, not through force. Miracles come into being in the heart, with the spiritual understanding and awareness of the meaning of energies when you feel and absorb them, when you embed them in your soul. Thus there may also be those human beings who feel disappointed because the high point of the ascension has not taken place in 2012. But I bring those human beings the message that the true spirituality is not connected with fulfilling expectations. An energy cannot disappoint. Angels are full of love, they cannot disappoint. Thus also Lady Gaia, a living consciousness cannot disappoint. A true avatar on Earth who bears spirituality, the love for energy in his soul, will be rewarded for his trust, for that is where the truth, the Reality takes place.


A natural yearning is embedded in you and in your soul, for it enriches you step by step towards development, towards higher development, towards expansion. Let Kryon bring you the message that the characteristics of spirituality should be joy, abundance, security, human love, peace, abundance and health on your planet, in your soul, in your aspects. All the things that go to make up life on your planet. And many of you have reached this heart and soul level. That was the power of the energy of 2012. And whoever has welcomed this heart level and soul level in himself, with the energy of SOL'A'VANA, will now notice that everything goes deeper. That feelings come up that can make you euphoric simply when you feel the energy of the angels or Jesus.


It is a time in which you can choose, more than ever before, and make decisions whether it is going to be an easy path up to the high point of the ascension for you. If you choose the easy path, the happy one, the energetic one whose characteristic is joy, or would you rather choose the hard path, full of doubt and fears? It is a decision that you will make. And as the energies manifest very quickly, also because the angels of grace are among you more and more, it is important that you bear the awareness that every decision you make will show itself outside.


When your body feels something because the energy irradiations are very significant, then, more than ever before, you have the possibility to bring healing and blessing to your body through healing energy. Some light body symptoms show themselves now because the cells adapt themselves to the New Age absolutely and more than ever before. Often this is in connection with head-aches and many human beings complain that their eyesight is getting worse. But this is only so for a certain level of time. Here, too, you have the possibility to change this.


The message we would also like to bring you is: What has changed energetically since the 21.12.2012 is that we beyond the veil will no longer redirect the energies with all our might, but permit that the energies are brought to Lady Gaia from the planetary grid. For this reason it is very important that you ground yourselves on all levels daily. The message of Kryon is a message of magnetic love energy. And while Kryon has brought the messages magnetic love energy and healing energy have flowed. You were able to feel it. And when you open your third eye you will perhaps be able to see Kryon, feel the love, the proximity, the friendship, the connectedness. Thus it will also become a year of the priesthood.


And so look forward to what is, what is coming. And with the words of love Kryon says goodbye. A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH. You are being loved immeasurably.







I am who I am, who I have always been and shall be. I am Jesus Christ. I am God's Son. I speak the message of love. As Jesus I welcome you in this new year. The year of trust, the heart level.


Let me tell you that each step you take, you take for me. Each word you speak, you speak for me. The love you give, you give for me. Each miracle you perform, you perform for me. Everything you do, you do for me.


My heart, my friend, my brother, my sister, my son, my daughter, let me tell you: When ever you need me, at each step I will be with you. At each word I will be with you. I will bring you security and peace. I will let you feel what it means when this love bond begins to meld deeper and deeper. I will accompany you when you perform the miracle. I will stand with you when you are in action. I will be with you when you feel the joy of the energy. I will hold you when you carry sadness. I will support you in trust, for you are the love of my life.


And so let us begin the new year with the words Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham. We will integrate Lady Gaia into all out steps. Thus feel the changes and open your heart and your soul for all that is coming.


I love you so immeasurably.