Mother Earth is ascending into the new dimension more and more and every human being is able to take part in the changes that are included in this process.

The Kryonschool is one path to awaken you to your full potential, to who you really are.


The 48 Steps to awakening are carried by the loving energy of Kryon and the 36 High Councillors of the Light.

Kryon is a magnetic entity whose task is to align the magnetic grid of planet Earth with the new energy. He is also a bearer of the magnetic love energy which is the energy of the New Age. 

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Welcome Channeling from Kryon:

Feel the love which is present when an angel touches you.

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What does awakening mean?


Master Lao Tse goes into it in more detail in a channeling.



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Sentence for the Day



This sentence for the day was brought by Adamis

My dearest family,

Today the NA'NAAM Energies are transmitted.

For the human consciousness this means,

The NA'NAAM Energies supply you with original magnetic energy, they calm your whole system. They work particularly intensively in the physical aspect. The energies are balanced and a sense of wellbeing sets in. Ask your inner helpers to embed these energies for you. Connect deeply with Adamis and the NA'NAAM Energies and use the Crystals KRYON - ONAR - AVATARA and ARIS.

The next sentence for the day will be posted at the beginning of September.

I wish you a wonderful day,

Sabine - Sangitar